Hello there…

I’m sitting here right now, in a apartment that is under restoration…

and my mind is still thinking of the last weeks turbelence…

but I’m still thinking all that the good things that MKMMA will bring me, and that will make everday more amazing than the other

Everyday I wake up with the strong force that will make me a better person, no mather where I am, and what I’m doing, I feel that it’s a  gift is to be together with my friends in my surrounding area.

My boss is still wondering from where I get my energy from and just to have fun at your work, in that case I think it’s hard to explain the power this wonderful work gives you.

I know that I will become a better person and a more greater father than I am today, and my plans for the future are big and I can’t really wait until I see the result of todays work… That’s a little of the worst part about having a capital letter-combination, you are so low on patience…hihihi…

Anyway, this is the first blogg that I have been writing, but there is always a first thing for everything

Take care of yourself, talk to you all soon//M;-))




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